• Our Sustainability Policy
    Our Sustainability Policy

A reliable commitment to a better future

Holyland Tours tries to combine the benefits of tourism to our country with thoughtful, exceptional sustainable travel and tourism by providing visitors with a true experience of our destinations and their respective cultures while aiming to preserve and defend the natural and human resources of those communities for future generations (of both tourists and locals) to enjoy.

Responsible tourism requires that all parties involved in the promotion, sale and execution of travel products make a commitment to more sustainable travel practices. From government to airlines, to us - tour operators; to hoteliers, to tour leaders and individual tourists: all of us have a responsibility to respect and protect our environment and traditions through awareness, correct education and planning and action. Sustainability in tourism is an on-going process, requiring constant monitoring and adjustment of policies as the industry constantly grows and changes.

We have established 23 standards and protocols in our Sustainability Policy, for which we are accredited as a Travelife Partner. Not just ‘rules and regulations’ but synonymous with our conviction that Responsible Tourism is a combination of People - Planet - Profit. Tourism can only become sustainable with a good balance. Based on this conviction, we do everything we can to contribute to this - for now and future generations.

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